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Guide to Baseball Pass

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  • Guide to Baseball Pass

    This guide will go through the benefits of using baseball pass and tips on using the skill correctly.

    What is Baseball Pass?

    Baseball Pass is a skill that a Point Guard can purchase once they reach level 24. It cannot be intercepted and has infinite range (except right next to you). To use the skill, hold 'R' and release within the green bar. The greater your Pass attribute, the larger the green bar is.

    Why use Baseball Pass?

    Baseball pass can accurately pass to far away teammates without fear of the pass being intercepted. It can be used in any play style, but is essential in play styles where it is critical to get the ball to the main scorer, such as Iso, Pillar, Swing, or even Dash.

    An example of effective baseball pass usage can be seen in the NA 2017 Summer Crew Tourney by Intoxicated's Eunbit:

    Baseball pass was used to prevent intercepts from team dUP and safely get the ball to the main scorer Thador. In the second half, you can also see Eunbit using baseball pass to Verivus when she was open. Passing to the teammate across the court can only be done by learning how to correctly baseball.

    Passing to the Correct Teammate

    When using the skill without pressing any direction, you will pass to the closest target. To pass to a teammate further away, you must press a direction key while using the baseball pass. The direction you press is determined by where you and your teammates are.

    There are a few different scenarios for baseball passing:


    Simply hold left while using baseball to pass to the target on the left (E), or hold right to pass to target on the right (Q).


    Hold up to pass to target Q, or hold down to pass to target E.

    Through a Teammate

    This scenario happens when you and your team are parallel to each other. To pass to target E (the closer teammate), simply press no direction key while you baseball. To pass to target Q (the further teammate), hold up while you baseball.

    Tips on Hitting the Green Bar

    It may sound cliche, but practice is the best way to get consistent at hitting baseball passes. At some point, muscle memory takes over and you will pay little attention to the bar itself. However, there are some tips you can learn to help improve a little faster.

    You can look at your character's animation to time your release. This is a trick I learned from Valioa when I was learning how to baseball pass. The best time to release the pass is when your leg is fully extended and the ball is all the way back.

    I mentioned at the beginning of the guide that the green bar gets larger depending on your Pass attribute.

    While it is easier to hit baseball passes with a high Pass attribute, it is not recommended to add additional points to the attribute just for increasing the green bar. You can consistently hit baseball passes with a low pass attribute (I have 179) once you practice enough.

    Here is a video of DBLL hitting 83 baseball passes in a row with 180 pass attribute:

    A good thing to note is that male PG's baseball timing is actually quicker than a female PG's baseball pass. If you alternate between two different PG's, this timing difference may make the baseball pass more difficult. Here is a video from Left-Eye showing the difference in timing:

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    dem nice guied men


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      great guide, i think ima sticky this one... very useful.


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        Originally posted by Valioa View Post
        great guide, i think ima sticky this one... very useful.
        Cool, thanks. If there's any improvements you'd like to see made I'll add it to the post.


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          Originally posted by Yuneko View Post

          Cool, thanks. If there's any improvements you'd like to see made I'll add it to the post.
          there is one thing you forgot to mention... although not a BIG DEAL...

          Males have a faster timing for baseball than females.

          In other words, their shot meter for baseball goes up faster.


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            Originally posted by Valioa View Post

            there is one thing you forgot to mention... although not a BIG DEAL...

            Males have a faster timing for baseball than females.

            In other words, their shot meter for baseball goes up faster.
            I actually don't have a level 24+ male PG for demonstration purposes, so I linked Left-Eye's video where he compared the two. Thanks!


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              nice guide, zirba


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                Cool guide. Whats the record for most back to back baseball passes?


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                  Originally posted by Kukiko View Post
                  Cool guide. Whats the record for most back to back baseball passes?
                  DBLL did the most i believe, with a bar

                  Ive done 56 without the bar, I have no other records of anyone else doing the baseball challenge.


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                    Eunbit the reigning champion got 70 baseball in a row, he practiced for a couple hours but he had natural skill.
                    Taunt/Thrilled has record with almost 200+ in a row. Without moving he might have kept going but the movement threw him off at the end, he still did a lot with moving.

                    I realized after doing this though, there was a flaw with just passing back and forth to one teammate without moving. In game you are pressured, and you need to keep moving so you should practice the pass with moving and shift preferably as well as with a dribble and movement because it throws off your rhythm.

                    Also besides just getting the ball to the scorer, I think the most useful thing about baseball pass is in dash (being able to get through an int and being able to pass long range).
                    One thing most people don't know about dash is that you can pass to any dash if you know the starting point of the dash. Here's what I mean, say the sg is above the screen (where you would need up and s/r to pass), but he dashes down left: if you pass at the exact moment he starts the dash and use up and r, the pass will still go to him even tho you passed walking up and he ran down.
                    The thing about it is that it requires perfect timing, I couldn't tell you how many people gave up on trying to time this pass, but when done correctly I think its the true beauty of dash, an invincible pass that can't be forced into overhead(can use if you're double teamed), can't be intercepted, and goes pretty quick depending on how far you are from dash.

                    Btw best place to practice dash passes is in load room, the fact that you can't use direct pass just helps you because then you can figure out the inputs you need. You don't even need a picture of Q E up there because it doesn't matter, basically to use baseball pass you need to learn how to pass without direct so use s to start once you can do some baseball pass in a row to first learn the directions. Build your chemistry and understand your teammates dash position and timing (i e, v cut, pick move, fake movement/hesitation).

                    Most people so far aren't even willing to put the time required to pass consistently to a dash on air, so imagine how frustrated they will get when being pressured by a pg (think cam newton + Von Miller).

                    One additional note, if you receive a baseball as you dash and you don't have direct pass, if you press s immediately after the dash, doesn't matter where you dash the pass will go to the C because the animation of baseball pass takes a while to complete.

                    I will practice with any one of you who are interested in baseball pass with the only requirement being that you make a male pg because you're a man, man.
                    Most people don't like to dash with me because I only use v cut dash, because that's just what's fun for me and you gotta do your own style that you like because that's the only way you'll keep going, but if you can pass to my dash you can pass to regular dash (without too much hesitation or with voice chat), it's just dif spots on the floor.

                    Add me IGN: HeavensGate, SaveTheWorld, MoonAndBack (if you just wanna throw baseball pass without dash).

                    And if you're just practicing on your own please remember a few notes. No one gets baseball pass perfect on the first try, it requires time and effort. Fact is 90 pct of fs2 will rather complain about "gk, or cards, or insert complaint" before they take the time to get 100 baseball pass in a row. Determination is key. Work hard for your dreams, and don't give up on girl of your dreams.

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                      Thanks for the input soldier king. Would love to try playing v-cut dash with you, but I guess we have different character preferences.